123    |    Mindful Living

123 | Mindful Living

Please do come back home and listen

So I didn’t blog for few days… even though my intention is to blog daily but I find it hard to keep up and be in the moment while spending hours in front of the screen. 

My week was great and I spent last weekend with dear friend at Om yoga festival in Ottawa. The weather is absolutely gorgeous to be outdoors practicing mindful movement under sparkly sun.

The whole day was grounding and my inner being was calm and at peace. 

The art of communicating

Throughout the week I kept listening to one of my favourite audio books. The art of communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh


 I recommend listening to it more than once. Every time I listen to it I learn and focus on something new I missed or forgot to pay attention to the first time around. I downloaded the audio book and I listen to it in the morning while driving to work. 

  • Please do come back home and listen. Breath! Bring your mind home to your body.
  • Get in touch with suffering without being overwhelmed by it. Understand it. Compassion and love will show up. Suffering will be released. We are no longer afraid of suffering 
  • We need suffering to embrace happiness 
  • Offering love and compassion for ourselves   |     we will understand ourselves and understand others.
  • Loving yourself is the bases for compassion 
  • Do I understand my self enough. When you understand your suffering, you suffer less 
  • Please do come back home and listen 

Here are some messages that stuck with me

130    |    Mindful living


130 | Mindful living

I haven’t been blogging for the past 3 days because of my blurry mind and the busy days trying to balance between home, family and work. Besides, I was very emotional because of my cycle where my mind becomes blurry and irrational at times. I know this about myself and as women in general we all go through monthly patterns. I try to take time to let it be and try to do things that make me feel more grounded like slowing down and take time alone. 

Here is what I usually do to acknowledge low energy days of my cycle 

  • I slow down things and I recognize that I have lower energy 
  • I tell people around me (my family) that I am running on low energy this week.
  • I cry for small simple things - sad things or beautiful matters
  • I feel irritated and angry and I forgive my emotions
  • I notice my thoughts in the background knowing that they come and go.

Pattern of thoughts

I recognize that I have similar pattern of thoughts around this time of my cycle. I acknowledge them, I identify them because I know they would arrive at the gloomy part of my cycle and then I slowly let them go. I learned with time to consciously not activate them or interact with them because I see where they came from and for sure I don’t want them to stay for long.

At the end of my cycle (winter phase) my busy blurry mind gets filled with uncertainty. Doubts  escalate more when I’m tired at night and for some reason going to bed early helps me and makes all the difference the next morning.

Understanding my inner being

The older I am getting the clearer I am understanding my inner being. The reason for that is I’m always curious and passionate about understanding myself. 

I often asked myself growing up who am I and why am I doing the things I do. I try to examine my behaviours and observe my thoughts.  It actually took me about three years in my early thirties trying to go within, look into my inner soul and find healing to old leftover traumas that was buried in my subconscious.

It was a fascinating, emotional roller-coaster journey brought me to tears and ended with joy and freedom. 

I am at peace

I am at peace at this stage of my life. I actually think that I am the happiest person that I have ever met. It sounds corny but It is the truth to me. I feel content, happy and always grateful. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get mad, sad or frustrated! In the end I am a human and I make mistakes all the time. Nonetheless, down deep I have found a base of peace and gratitude. 

The main comforting source for me is my thinking my “inner voice”. The first time that I have really paid attention to my inner voice is when I joined 40 Days to Personal Revolution

challenge at Power Yoga Oshawa.  We had to go through 40 days – 6 different themed weeks by Baron Baptiste.

Week three theme was Equanimity 

The challenge was to notice our emotions when arising and acknowledge them without judging them. Notice! Just notice…

I spent that week paying attention to my mental calmness and my temper especially in difficult situation. I took the whole week truly paying attention to what triggers, guide and steer my mental flow. I noticed I have a main voice in my mind that is so gentle, loving and kind.

The kindness of my inner voice always brought me to peace and helped to forgive even after I was deeply hurt. Realizing my inner voice made me cry and wonder! 

Where does this voice come from? And how it would be if had the total opposite inner voice experience. How would I deal with life if the main inner voice is cruel and unkind?

I kept examining and wondering where this voice comes from… I sensed that this is my intuition. A light and a compass inside each one of us always there waiting to be heard but sometimes life experiences and trauma can add noise to our inner voices to tune out the truth and kindness and slowly make it disappear if we are not mentally and emotionally healed.


134    |    Mindful Living

134 | Mindful Living

Blurry Mind

Another busy day with a blurry mind trying to remind myself when I get the chance to be here right now ... I kept failing because all what I wanted to do is rest to regain my energy.

Yesterday I finished working on my veggie garden and I felt proud trying to grow my own veggies for the first time. Running around and working outdoors all weekend drained me so my energy wasn't at its best today. However I went for a well deserved pedicure and got pampered.

Thought of the day

I can't think of much to say in my blog today but this whole process of counting down the days made me remember Gretchen Rubin "The Days Are Long, But the Years Are Short."

I recently listened to her audio book the Happiness Project and I really enjoyed. The older I am getting I couldn't agree more. So true ... it always seems that the days are long and the years are going by so fast as if I am dreaming.


135    |     Mindful Living

135 | Mindful Living


Going through daily journaling helps me monitor my thoughts and to take sometime to pause and slow down to look within and notice.  Even though my thoughts are still blurry taking small pauses for sure training my brain for mental breather breaks to tune in and be in the moment.

Enjoying the process 

Started prepping the soil for our vegetable garden. I spend most of my day yesterday pouring the compost onto the ground.  I have a big raised boxed area in the backyard to start a vegetable garden.  While I was doing the work with my husbands help of course. I kept thinking about the process and the end results and how gardening process feels a lot like life. Harvest what you plant! 

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
— Og Mandino

136    |    Mindful Living

136 | Mindful Living

Digital detox

I didn't have the chance to write my blog for day #137. The most challenging thing through my 140 days challenge is recording my daily reflections online. When I come home from a busy day at work, I like to stay away and detox from technology and spend time with my family.

My field of work of multimedia design requires me to be at the computer all day so after coming home, I prefer to do other things rather than going back to the laptop again.



I had a long chat with a close family member yesterday about life and what make some people more resilient than others.  No matter how much we plan as human and calculate risks while taking a decision, life will happen and unexpected events good or bad will show up to steer us away from our original plan. 

So being resilient helps our brain to tolerate and accept unwanted events when they arises and welcome them with ease and surrender. Knowing down deep that life goes on.

- What make some people have more resilience than others? This is definitely something I want my kids to embrace. Being resilient is the best awareness and tool to have in life since the only constant in this life is change. Let's just go with the flow

Alan Watts

I am very fascinated by Alan Wilson Watts philosophy, his writer, and speaking. He is the best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. His words has helped me so much to understand to look at the bigger picture of this journey called life.


Alan Watts.png

138 | Mindful Living

A busy day today...

Throughout the day trying to watch my thoughts practicing mindfulness and aiming to be in a reflective not a reflexive state. I heard this comparison when I listened to a TEDx Talks yesterday titled as "Sustaining Happiness Through Mindful Living"  that really inspired me. Here is the link to it

Thoughts and actions

I really believe that our thoughts are the food to our actions. So taking the time to watch my thought process with awareness helps me notice. Just notice and reflect

My day was busy so I tried to insert mindfulness throughout the day to steer me back to a soft spot of reflection by just noticing. However, my mind was very blurry overall today. 

Exciting Design work

I am working on romance novel book cover design Rewriting Love for my talented friend Lana Pickering. An amazing writer, hard worker and an Incredible storyteller. 


Day 139    |    Mindful Living

Day 139 | Mindful Living


The purpose of this blog is to record my daily digital journal trying to live mindfully, have more awareness and take the time for daily reflections to enable graceful transition.

Mindful Living

Taking the time to listen, pay attention and notice the little things. I kept thinking about my daily blog and how can I record my daily “living in the moment” mission. Take time to reflect and transition to a new chapter of my life.


I want to enjoy the journey and to gain understanding of the transition by paying attention and living in the now. Moreover, I am hoping to use this blog to journal and connect with other women who are seeking wisdom and deepen their emotional intelligence. 


I thought applying themes to my daily practice will help me focus and guide my inner compass. The theme for the first 10 days is Notice. Just notice!

The weather is gorgeous today but my energy level is low today so I kept debating if I should go for a run and enjoy the sun shine and notice the little thing or stay in the office and have lunch?

I had to push myself go for a run and enjoy the little things since it’s the theme of today. It was a great decision and here are some pics from my run today.

Day 140    |    Mysterious number 40!


Day 140 | Mysterious number 40!

I will be turning 40 in one hundred and forty days which is in about four months from now! Somehow, I believe turning forty is a major milestone in my life. it makes think about life in general and my purpose on this earth.

If you know me, you would know that I am generally happy, content person living life gratefully and I try to be in the moment as much as I can. However, truing 40 to me sounds like a big deal and at times it scares me!

"Number 40 (Forty) is a master number in many spiritual traditions and many cultures. In general, the number 40 represents a time (40 days) or period of a state of purification, or “decantation,” where there is a clear separation between substances, i.e., the lower vibration ones and the higher vibration ones." Source


I would like to use this blog as a platform to connect with others. Learn daily and inspire others to take the time to look within and transition gracefully to a new chapter by taking the time daily to notice, learn, reflect and connect.

My daily blog will focus on:

  • Enjoying the 140 days’ journey by creating memories with awareness
  • practicing emotional intelligence
  • Reflect and learn from my past experiences
  • Grow as an individual, make a difference and have a vision